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Customize Service
Customize Service 
Besides casting rough parts, we can also offer machining, heat treatment, surface treatment to offer finished metal parts. The industries we serve include but not limited to auto & vehicle, construction, earthmoving machinery, agricultural machinery, medical equipments, truck & train, hardware, etc. We'll try best to help customers save money on the premise of good quality and on-time-delivery.

Mould  and Fixture Design
We have a professional team to design the casting mould and fixture based on customers' drawing. As for drawing format, we prefer .pdf and .stp. 

Metal Forming Process 
Until now, we have lost wax casting, investment casting, sand casting, mold shell casting as the basic metal forming process to make the rough parts.
Every part is with different features, structure, material, mechanical properties, dimension tolerance.
Water Glass casting: 0.5-50kg, wall thickness>8mm, dimension tolerance CT-8, surface roughness Ra 12.5;
Silicon Sal casting: 0.01-5kg, wall thickness>3mm, dimension tolerance CT-6, surface roughness Ra 4;
Sand casting: 1-50kg, wall thickness>8mm, dimension tolerance CT-11, surface roughness Ra 25;
Shell Mold casting: 1-50kg, wall thickness>8mm, dimension tolerance CT-11, surface roughness Ra 12.5;

Machining Process
For some casting rough parts need further machining process, we can handle as the drawing requested.
Turning, milling, grinding, drilling,  tapping, broaching, etc are regular machining process worked on rough parts.

Heat treatment & Testing
To get better mechanical properties,  some parts need to do heat treatment, such as annealing, tempering, normalizing, quenching, carburizing and quenching, etc.
As the drawing requests.

Surface Treatment & Testing
Generally we dip antirust oil as the final surface treatment, but some parts need to do extra treatment to get a good appearance or elongate the working life, such as galvianizing, painting, powder coating, alloy coating, dacromet, Geomet,tungsten carbide, polis